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Hello all, I hope you are well and healthy. Happy is a bonus, but I'll add that in there as one of my hopes for you anyway. So today, as the title suggests, I was having some thoughts about single life. Firstly I would just like to say that this isn't going to be a session of relationship bashing or even worse, single life promotion. This is just me and my thoughts. Basically my online thought bubble as the blog title says. On the road to pick up my sister from work the other day, I saw something that reminded me of an ex of mine. For a second my mind tried to pull me into a pool of sorrowful thoughts about what went wrong. I started questioning myself, wondering what it is about me that caused my relationships to fall apart. And then it hit me. I haven’t dated anyone  I've  actually liked lately. This might sound strange but I'm sure someone out there will understand when I say I dated my ex's for the heck of it. Okay maybe it was more than that. Maybe I

What are they laughing at?

Well hello, again my reader. So I was having a hilarious conversation over IM with a few of my varsity group mates recently and I started to wonder: Do people really find me funny or do they think I'm just a little insane? You might be wondering why I would ask myself this about the people I know right. Well, it’s because I've only recently just met this group of people and they seem to find everything I say hilarious; not very much, unlike my long time friends who also seem to think I have a funny bone in me. At least one of my friends agrees that insanity may play a role in all this, I mean who doesn't love having a chuckle at the village idiot now and again. Now I wouldn't be too self-conscious about it if I didn't feel that sometimes the stuff I say really doesn't deserve even a giggle, let alone a hearty laugh. Maybe I'm overly sensitive. It’s just that I don’t want to one day find myself as a comedian on stage with strangers looking at me with search