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In that moment, life happens

Good day all. It’s been a while I know, disappointments at my silence, promises about weekly posts broken and all that must have been rife but life happens. I've been busy. Heck I guess most of us have been busy seeing as it is exam season in most parts of the world. With exam season on my end comes very many birthdays to manage in the same time frame. By some unimaginable stroke of luck, most of my friends and family were born during and after the great month of August. So this has meant attending awesome events and juggling school schedules at the same time. Usually, being the pile of nerves that I am most of the time, this situation would have caused me great distress in terms of time management, but not this time. Why? Well I don’t know, but whatever the cause, I condone it completely. Instead of worrying about time I stepped back and enjoyed the moment. Okay, this is probably the part where some of you might wonder about how one enjoys exam moments. Well I have these rea